How do I copy an email address? Not easily....this would be a useful feature

Can we have copy email address here please? and while youre at it can you make the box appear in a better position, layout is a mess, the mouse is rolling over the bottom email address…you can’t right click because the popup box is in the way.

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You should be able to right-click even if there is a tooltip. Just right-click on the address and choose Copy address.

Though it looks like maybe you have a high scaling set in your Windows display properties, as the tooltip is higher than it should be. Can you try reducing the scaling, restart eM Client and see if it is easier?

Sorry I cant read the emails if it’s smaller…

So I set windows to 125% and finally 100% scaling and restarted emclient, same thing…the tooltip doesnt move. Is it possible to remove it entirely?

When you click RIGHT mouse button first time - tolltip will disappear. Then click again - context menu shows up. And there you can find copy address.

I think these popups are really only just because the designer can make them- I hate GUI stuff like this it’s generally useless for the user experience…

It has purpose. Besides the obvious, another is described here: eM Client and Mailsploit

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