How do I control when my contact picture is sent with outgoing mail and when it isn't sent??

I have two e-mail accounts, one with and one with ( My contacts are associated with the account. When I send e-mail from the Charter account, the Avatar shows in the Charter “Sent” folder. If I send e-mail from Charter to Hotmail, I see my Avatar in the headings at the Charter “Sent” heading and the Live “Inbasket”. Yet, when I send e-mail to someone else from the Charter account, they don’t see my Avatar in their incoming header. What do I have to do to send (or not send, if I don’t wish to) my Avatar with outgoing e-mail from either account?


avatars are shown only locally because of Facebook account. Your “issue” is caused by server because that is what controls if any avatars will be sent or not.

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