how do i configure EM client to show images in message panel

having trawled through the settings menu, I’m still at a loss as to how I set EM client to show the images in emails in the reading panel - if anyone can point me in the right direction I’d be most grateful

It should display automatically - can you post here a screenshot? Thank you.

Hi how do I do a screenshot, Thank you

Figured it out, Thanks


can you go to Tools - settings - mail - privacy and check “block unsafe content except…” then go to your message that does not show pictures and tell me if you can click on “download images…” on top of that email.

If not then please resend that email to yourself and then check it again and tell me results.

with regards

I did all that and nothing has changed. Going to try to download again maybe it will work as it was great last time.

did that reinstall help? If not can I ask if this is happening for all emails or only for those from this domain?

with regards

No change - it is all messages

May I ask you to reset IE into default settings and updating it?

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