How do I complete my import of everything from Outlook after aborting this during the initial eM instal?

I interrupted the import of everything from my existing Outlook mail client so got some messages but am stilling missing many others as well as my contacts etc. I uninstalled eM and reinstalled it but the option to import from Outlook was bypassed the second time. How can I complete the import process?

Just figured how to do it. After uninstalling eM client you also need to search your HDD for all instances of eM client and delete them too. Then when reinstalling the app you get the option again to import everything from Outlook.
Or, just proceed with registration of eM client. Then you will have the option to import files from the file menu.

Hello Max,

We’re glad to hear that you found a solution. The thing that is necessary if you’d like to be presented with the import wizard again is for eM Client to start with a new database. A faster way of achieving it is turning eM Client off and deleting/renaming the ‘eM Client’ folderin C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming. If eM Client can’t find the default database folder, it will create a new one.