How do I change the settings in either Agenda or tasks? I want to sort with (no date) at the end, and then sorted acending date.

I am new to eM Client. I just need to know where the settings are for calendar and agenda/tasks?

First click the "

In the Sidebar, you can un-group them so that they are not separated by day, but the sort order cannot be changed.

In the Calendar tab, in Agenda view, clicking on the column header for Start or End will toggle the sorting from newest first to oldest first. The same in Tasks; clicking on Start or Due will toggle the date sort order. You can also remove the grouping by right-click on the column header and unselecting Show in groups.

Alan, Thanks that was the answer to my issue.  Would never had seen that gear in that area to make the change I wanted.  Suggest to eM client that that setting be moved to calendar as its current configuration is not intuitive.