How do I change the font on the folder list?

Am able to change font on messages and message list, but I can’t find how to do it on the folder list. Any help?

it is not possible right now.

Is there any way of changing fonts and spacing on the folders pane (navigation pane) in the new version? It is a bit odd to be able to change all of this for the message and side pane but not the folder list.

No, I am afraid it is still not possible.

Another user heard from: this is a big deal for me

Please consider making this a priority.  I just installed v7 of EM client and the font for the mail folder list is, IMHO, way to small.  I am not a twenty-something with perfect vision.  I extensively use folders to organize my email and the tiny font used for the folders greatly diminishes the usability of the product.  Thanks