How do I change the account profile image?

All emails sent by me from eM Client show an account image such as the one shown in the red box below. Some correspondents have a logo or photo, while others just have letters showing for their name. How can I change the image that appears next to my name in emails?

Do you mean just in eM Client, or when others are receiving your emails?

If it is just in eM Client, create a contact with your email address, and add an image to the contact.

For external use see

Of course if you go the external route, eM Client will get that image also so you will see your sent emails with the image.

Thanks Gary. It was specifically within eM Client; both on my own version and for others in my organisation, the image that came up next to my name was an old Gravatar from years ago. Anyway, I did as you suggested and created a contact for myself and changed the image in that and this has fixed the problem I was having… thanks!

Unless that contact is in a shared address book in your organization, the others will still see the old Gravatar. Best would be just to change the Gravatar image.