How do I automatically CC myself on every email? I can't find a check box to do so????

Can’t find ioption to CC myself with every email

Hi John, unfortunately this feature is currently not available in eM Client, we’re considering adding the feature to future releases.

Thank you for understanding,

First I love your product. Not being judgmental but I am surprised “you are THINKING” about adding it in a future release. This capability is a fundamental function in all top tier email clients which yours is. It could prevent your product to be placed in more corporate environments like ours. Thanks for your reply.

Hi John, we appreciate your feedback, we’re glad you like our application however there’s always a lot of features that our developers are working on and we simply can’t work on all of these. This feature is definitely on our todo list, but it may take time before it’s actually implemented.

I hope it will be implemented soon enough and that you can manage to use the current setting in the meantime.

Thank you for understanding,

Is this feature available now?

Hi Sujal, this is unfortunately not an available feature, we’re currently working on an upcoming release of eM Client that will feature an Auto BCC option to allow you automatically send the message to selected recipients as a hidden copy.


June 1 2016 I really want this too!

I notice that the above statement about you working on adding this feature is 4 years old. Is it added yet?

Hello Mike,
automatic CC is not an option but in eM Client 7 you can set an automatic BCC address for your mail account.
It is set under the General tab in Menu>Tools>Accounts.