How do I adjust the settings to seperate two different mailaddressen in their own different folder

different addressen differnt folder

Sorry, don’t know what you want me to do.

I mean. I have two seperate mailadressen. So I make two accounts. When mail receives for mailaddress 1, I want this to go to its own folder and if something arrivés for the mailaddress 2, I want this to go to the other (its own) folder. Is that possible?

That happens by default.

A reason it might not be doing so is, if when setting up POP3 accounts, you have chosen to store messages in local folders. This is the same as a global inbox, sent items etc. for these accounts.

This screenshot is the default setting for POP3. It will create a separate set of folders for each account.

If you chose to store messages in Local Folders, you cannot just undo this afterwards. So make a backup, delete the accounts and set them up again using the above setting.

Another option, which I just considered, is you may be looking at Smart Folders , which combines all the accounts into All Inboxes.

Scroll down further in the tree and you should have separate folders for each account.