How do I add IMAP protocol to user?

I did not have IMAP set when I created user.

If I understand correctly, you created an email account but did not set it up as an IMAP account?  You can not add the IMAP protocol to an existing account.  You will have to set up the account again as IMAP and delete the existing (non-IMAP) account.

Only choice is auto and that’s how I did not have IMAP.

How do I get IMAP on create? Auto doesn’t do it. I tried.

When you add the account, Click on the mail tab, then select “other”.  This will allow you to enter server information manually.

Thanks - all working. Will sign up when our trial is complete.

I was surprised that I could create the second user identical to the present user, but I could and then I just deleted the first user after I created the second.

This is a very useful feature especially when moving from one protocol to another. Because you can have the account setup twice, you can move emails from one to the other before you delete the original. :slight_smile: