How do I add a second device to my existing 1 device license?

I now have a laptop as well as my venerable desktop system. I have eM Client Pro licensed on my desktop and want to add it to my new laptop. What’s the best way to proceed?


Your existing eM Client email address pro license is for only one computer so you could either buy another pro license for your laptop (if you like all the pro features), or alt use a free license with a second personal email address on your laptop.

The pricing table shows a reduced rate for a second device - if the licence for both is purchased at the same time. What Nelson2 (and now me too) is asking, is how to add the second device to the existing licence at the reduced rate, rather than purchasing a second full licence.

I would contact [email protected] for that info.

Hi, did you ever get an answer on this subject?

In the end I just loaded an ancient version of Outlook 2010 on my new laptop . . .