How do I access the list of domains in my Blacklist?

I need to generate a list of the domains in my Blacklist. I can list the domains, but I cannot Copy & Paste them.
If I knew the file that they were stored in, I might be able to write something to extract them from the file.
My plan is to create the list as a text file, then read the file and do a “Whois” of each domain in the list. I want to start reporting these spams, but I want to automate it as much as possible.
Thanks to anyone that can help with this.


Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment.

Thanks for the reply, George. In the meantime, I did find a workaround to accomplish my task which may help someone else.

The list of domains for the Blacklist are stored in a binary file named “main.dat”. Make sure the file is not in use (close EM Client) and open the file with Wordpad. Search for one of the domains that was in your “Blacklist” under “Rules”. It will be in more than one location in the file, but one of those locations contains the complete list, all in quotes, all preceded by a “@”, and all separated by a comma and a space.

Use the “replace” command in Wordpad and, one by one, replace all the quotes, “@”, and spaces with nulls (nothing) leaving just domains separated by commas.

Now copy the edited file from Wordpad and paste it into Word. Select “all” and choose convert “text to table” (one column, multiple rows). Finally, sort the table alphabetically and you now have a sorted list of nasty domains to use as you wish.

My Blacklist had 165 domains in the list and it took about 5 minutes to get my sorted list. This was on a Win7 machine, but the procedure would be the same on any OS.

I left out a step in the above procedure.

Once you have searched “main.dat” in Wordpad and have found the complete list, select the complete list and copy and paste it in another empty Wordpad document. You can then close “main.dat” and work on just the list.

Sorry I left that out.