How can I use category colours in mail?

I am  using the Beta 7 alongside my Gmail account and I see you have picked up on Gmail labels, which as I understand it are categories to which you can assign colours. In Gmail the individual emails will flag what label/category they are with a colour-coded box, which I find very useful. However, the colour system does not seem to be implemented in any way with EM mails. Am I missing something? What is the purpose of the colour coding?


When you set a category, the colored box should appear like this:

If you don’t see the category column, please enable it by right-clicking the column header and selecting columns configuration. There you can add or remove individual columns and change their order.
If you want the emails in the list colored according to their category, please go to Tools>Settings>Appearance>Lists and check the “use color of category as text color”.

Hope this helps.