How can I unblock an e-mail address that I earlier blocked as Junk/Spam?

I mistakenly clicked on the “block e-mail address” for an iincoming message. Now I want to restore that e-mail address to normal, unblocked status

Open Tools - Rules - select the Blaklist rule and click Modify - delete the address blocked by mistake and click OK. Hope it helps you.

Whew! That’s not the most obvious place. How about an item on the context menu when one right-clicks (long press on touch enabled - whatever!) that simply says ‘UNMARK as Spam’.

I keep reading lots of claims about EM client being the ‘best’ etc (mostly stated by EMClient I have to say), but it’s missing most of the detailed features that the actual ‘best’ clients in the world have. Obviously they’ve had time to mature over a couple of decades and included these useful features, but I don’t think it’s fair for EMClient to keep touting itself when in fairness it crashes a LOT, it doesn’t shut down properly, the databases seem to get corrupted at the press of a button, and your SPAM features are almost non-existent. When it works it’s great, when it doesn’t it’s not so great. We’ve been doing email for over 20 years now, I’m surprised there are still so many issues with what is basically a very, simple application.

Good luck. I’m sure when you get it working consistently etc, it will be a fine application.

Hi if you move an item to junk, you can simply remove it by using the “Move to Inbox” option from the Junk folder, if however you’ve moved the address or the domain to the blacklist you have to remove it from the blacklist by editing the blacklist in Rules.