How can I transfer mail messages from eM Client to Outlook 2007 non-Exchange setup?

Because I need to merge different mailboxes, I want to use my existing Outlook 2007 client as a holding medium, but exporting mail messages, one eml file per message will mean I cannot load them into Outlook, so I am looking for a mechanism to transfer the mailbox I have on eM Client to my Outlook client, then export the merged mailboxes back to eM Client. Can you advise please?


I cant provide help for Outlook as I myself have 2013 edition and we are not MS’s support line, but I think that outlook does not support .eml files.

anyway best for you would be set same account on Outlook as you have in eM Client - fully synchronize then you will have all your emails in Outlook.
then you will do whatever you need to do.

After this you can use in eM Client File - Import - Import from outlook.

with regards