How can I tell which folder mail in the Smartfolders really is in?

I’m coming to grips with the way smartfolders work, and how to use it to prioritise what I read.  However, I can’t work out what folder the mail ‘really’ is in.  Is it properly filed?  Does it need to be filed?  I can’t tell…

Hello Ali,
I am very sorry for the late reply and perhaps you already found your solution. But just in case, you can set to see the ‘original’ folder in the Column view (either if you have your message detail on the bottom or make the right side detail smaller so the column view can load).
there should be a column titles ‘Folder’ that has the name of the folder the email is in and if you hover over it, you will see which account it’s under.
If you don’t have the Folder column there, right click the top line with the column names and choose ‘Column configuration’ to make the Folder column visible.


My problem is that the folder column always shows that every email is in “All Mail” and not whether it is in Sent, Trash etc. Any thoughts on this?

You’re doing better than I am Les, I still haven’t found the folder column.  I’ve tried Menu, view, columns and there is nothing there, and closing that dialog doesn’t change the layout.

Sorry, I didn’t see the response.  As far as I can see there is no column entitled ‘folder’.  If I find the right spot I can right-click in the message text display area and it does display the folder name, but that’s not very intuitive or convenient.  

The problem is that “All mail”, which is a Gmail thing, is the only true folder in Gmail (ok, other than spam and trash) all other folders are virtual.  The “folder” is created by a flag attached to the message indicating it’s “category” or “folder” In fact, an email may be in several “folders” it is attached to, so eM Client cannot display it’s virtual folder, as it may be many, but it really only exists in All Mail.

You can see the folder column, but you must be using the “message on bottom” layout and you may have to add the column.