How can I synchronize with Apple Contact Server?

Apple Contact Server works with CardDAV. eM Client shows the possibility to create accounts for CalDAV and CardDAV, but I haven’t found where to edit the parameters for CardDAV.

Create new CardDAV account under Tools -> Accounts -> New account and use the URL in format:

h**p://[servername]:8800/adressbooks/users/[username]/ (change “h**p” to “http” and fill in [servername] and [username])

Note that it will not work correctly against the currently released eM Client version (2.5.6362). We are currently testing a new version that supports Apple Addressbook Server and Apple Contacts Server. Please contact me directly ( if you want to get early access to this version for testing, it will be released within few days.

Anyway to set up emclient to search the directory or Global Address List?

My goal is to provide auto-complete for calendar schedules and email address through a directory search.