how can I sync google apps calendars?


You have to add other calendar(s) as account(s).
Tools -> Accounts -> New account -choose CalDAV/CardDAV.

The format of the URL is [ Google Calendar ID]/events
where [your Google Calendar ID] is [long string of characters] You can find the calendar ID by logging into Google calendar, clicking settings under My Calendars or Other Calendars, and clicking the title/link of the Calendar you wish to sync. The calendar ID will appear in the Calendar Address section, to the right of the XML/ICAL/HTML buttons. For the username, use your full email address. For many Gmail users, this is simply

I believe that if you are Google Apps user this is the correct URL to use:

The calendar ID is your, where generally this is your google apps email address that you use to log into Google Apps

For example if your email address is:

Then you would use:…

What is interesting is that after you sync the first time the URL will be changed to:…

These are instructions as copied from Google Calendar Help:…

The Google Calendar URL is:…

Replace ‘YOUREMAIL@DOMAIN.COM’ with the email address that you use to log in to Calendar. Make sure to include the ‘’ portion (which is for Gmail users) in this section.
DO NOT substitute your username for ‘user’ at the end of the URL.