How can I sincronize eM lient Contacts with contacts in iphone and in Windows?

CONTACTS: I need to importo in eM Client Contacts that I already in my iPhone and in Windows Contacts and then keep them sincronized. How

I use an Iphone ver 10, and laptop win 2010. My question is does eM synchronize all apps from iphone similarly as iCloud naturally backups pictures, txt msgs, etc. so there’s no gaps for home users moving from one environment to another, ie fully transparent? I’m not about to go out and purchase a mac probook , have lenovo ultrabook and iphone 5. Please kindly advise.

In the old days, Synchronisation of Contact- and Calendar-Data was done “directly from Device to Device” with some special Data-Sync-Software and perhaps even some Adapter-Cables. 
(Anyone still remembers the good old Psion-PDA?)

Today this Synchronisation is done with a Server acting as a Hub which holds the main-Database.
The Devices are connecting to the Server and synchronize with it.

In a Business-Environment this Server is something like an MS Exchange-Server or a IBM-Domino-Server etc.
For “the rest of us” we may use Cloud-Services from Google etc.

The Data which is relevant to be synchronized between your Phone and eM-Client is calendars, contacts, emails and reminders. 

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Hello Filippo,
if you synchronize your contacts to your iCloud/ mail account and then set it up in eM Client they will be synchronized.


Hello Catherine,
eM Client will synchronize your mail, contacts, calendar and tasks for your iCloud account.
For other apps from your iPhone I think you will need to use the web interface at