How can I set up POP instead of IMAP? I am using GMAIL but prefer POP.

I cannot set up POP in eM Client - I use it with my other clients just fine, and gmail allows it as well.

You have to create your account again. Open Tools - Accounts and click New account - Mail - Other. New window will appear where you can setup your account manually.

I followed the above instructions, but when I get to step 4 on new account (test configuration) both SMTP & POP3 fail. I have double-checked everything I typed in previous steps and everything looks good. When I click Fix, Fix fails for both SMTP & POP3. I’m using the latest version of eM Client. Is there a way around this problem?

Hello Sam,
go to Tools>Accounts section and under the POP and SMTP tabs try changing the Security policy options.
I suggest choosing the ‘Use SSL/TLS on a special port (legacy)’ option and see if that fixes the issue.


Thanks, Olivia.

That solved the problem! Now eM Client works more like my old, familiar Outlook.