How can I set a calendar to read only?

We are using CalDAV for our shared calendars. The personal calendar of each person is only writreable for the owner, all others can only read the entries. In Sunbird, I can set a calendar to read only. How can I set this in eM Client?

you can change the rights to calendar by right clicking the calendar you want to adjust and select Properties > Access Control,
there you can choose the privileges to that calendar.

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I am using CalDav. All Access Controls are disabled. I know, that the calendar is read only (by access rights on the CalDAV server). So how can I set this?

We don’t have a “read-only” setting in the client since we infer this information from the server. It largely depends on what server you use and whether the calendars are shared using “sharing” or “delegation”.

In case of delegation, which is supported by most enterprise CalDAV servers the best option in eM Client is to setup the whole user’s account directly in eM Client and then access the delegated calendars using the built-in functionality in the account settings. This respects any server setting that specifies whether the calendars are read/write or read-only.

In case of individual calendar sharing the situation is a bit murkier since the only server that standardizes it is the Apple iCal/Calendar Server.

I am looking for a very simple setting like sunbird is featuring: Set it to readonly myself.

unfortunately this isn’t possible in eM Client, I still hope you can manage to use the application with the current settings.

If you’d like to see this feature in eM Client maybe make an “Idea” topic and let other users vote on that feature so we can maybe add it in future releases.

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I’d also love to see this option implemented. Can’t be too hard to allow for the user protecting certain calendars from being changed, can it.

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+1 This would be a welcome addition

To setup a calendar as read-only, you add it as an Internet Calendar, rather than an account.

Menu > Tools > Subscribe to Internet Calendar