How can I select an installation directory?

When I install eM client then it installs (in 64bit Win7) always automatically in the directory

C:\Program files (x86)\

What if I want to install it in another directory lets say


How can I select this ?

99,9% of all software installation allow to select a user defined target installation folder. Why not em client?


EM hasn’t implement this in their installer yet, they’re some request for this, maybe create a new topic and put it as a suggestion for the future builds.


i agree with pstein.
hope this will possible in the next version.



We do not plan to implement this.

with regards

Just downloaded and installed 7.0.27943; nice job! Coming from Windows Live Mail (part of Windows Essentials which is no longer supported or even works with my current OS), it’s working out great. I would have like to have been able to install it in a directory other than where it’s placed by default, C:\Program files (x86). Should work out okay though.