How can I remove offline messages?

Stupidly, I downloaded my entire gmail account and the database is now nearly 2GB. Is there a way of removing all these messages from being offline without having to do a clean install? Thanks

No, once they are downloaded, they are there to stay.  By the way, a 2 GB database is not all that large.

If you want to fix this, you will have to delete the account and set it up again.  Since (I assume) you are using IMAP, it will sync again and nothing will be lost.

OK, thanks. I will delete and add it back. Do you happen to know if the app settings get backed up when you backup the account?

Yes, the settings are included in a backup. It is a complete copy of your eM Client profile including all your data, Rules, categories, signatures etc. Custom Themes are not included.

Application settings can also be saved separately through Menu > File > Export > Export settings to .xml file.

Brilliant - Thanks Gary