How can I prevent email I send myself from going to junk folder?

I have been using eM Client since May, coming from WLM, and have an MSN email address.  This only started about 2 months ago where I send myself an email that originates from eM Client, it always goes to junk folder.  If I go on Outlook web and send email, it does not do this.  I have checked the Blacklist and my address is NOT on it.  I have even set up a rule to send emails from my address to the inbox and it still sends to junk mail. How can I fix this?

Someone “me too’d” this and it notified me so I thought I would update that it no longer does this and I am not sure what changed.  I do update/upgrade when a new version comes out so it may have had something to do with that.

Yeah, there was another question just like this yesterday. I guess Kevin Me Too’d you.

This problem has returned, only in em client.  When I log in to my email on or use my phone, this doesn’t happen.