How can I place all Signatures at the bottom of every mail going out.

when sending out all reply’s and forward mail i want my Signatures at the bottom of all messages.

I am not sure if I understood your question, but you have created signature/s and now it is not showing when composing new mails? If so then have you turned them on for new messages in Tools - settings - mail - templates and signatures?


I wanted to show both template and signature on one email. the template at the top and the signature at the bottom or end of my mail

I am able to compose email with both template and signature with them in right places.

could you make screenshots of your template, signature and then in new message window how does it looks?


all I have to do is type between the two and I have it. Thanks,
It was real stupid of me. I should have known; Sorry to have taken up your time.

Again, Thank you

it’s okay, support is here for this :slight_smile: I am happy that it works for you at this moment.