How can I keep my emails on eM client after deleting them from gmail web account ?

How can I keep my emails on eM client after deleting them from gmail web account ?

If your account is setup using IMAP, then when you delete emails on GMail, it will delete them on your computer. What you can do is move them to Local Folders. That way they are only stored on your computer.

How do I do that ?

If Local Folders are not visible, go to Menu > Tools > Settings. Select Show Local folders.

Then in your email account Inbox, you can select the messages you want to move and right-click and choose Move to Folder, or simply drag them from one folder to another.

If you only want to keep your email on your computer, then it might be better to setup your account as POP3 instead of IMAP.

How can I setup POP3 account ? I have deleted my account and did new setup but didnt have POP3 option !

From the Help File (F1)

Setting up particular email addresses:


In this section, you can select particular e-mail accounts that you would like to set up. The first four e-mail providers displayed will always be the most used ones in the location where you currently are. These four displayed will also always have predefined configuration and their server settings will be retrieved automatically. Setup of those will be done in only 3 simple steps.


Click on the other button to set up a different email account. In this case, the setup be a little more complex, performed in six steps - you will be asked to fill in all the e-mail settings.

Setting up different e-mail account:


Step 1 - Identity:

![]( new account other step 1.png “Image: new account other step 1.png”)



Step two - Account type and incoming server information:

![]( other account step 2.png “Image: other account step 2.png”)



Step 3 - Outgoing server information.

![]( new account other step 3.png “Image: new account other step 3.png”)


Step 4 - Testing configuration

![]( account step 4.png “Image: account step 4.png”)


During this step, your configuration will be tested. If your account details were typed in correctly, a green tick will appear. If there are some problems with the configuration (for example if your password was not entered correctly), a red cross will be displayed (as you can see in the picture). You can always change your configuration by clicking on the Fix button.


Step 5 - Adding additional information about your new account:

![]( account step 5.png “Image: account step 5.png”)


Step 6 - finishing up

![]( account 6.png “Image: account 6.png”)


Note that on this final screen you can specify if you want the application to create a separate folder tree for the messages for your POP3 account, or if the messages should be stored in Local Folders.

Its not working, I have tried with gmail POP3 setting for incoming ( ) and outgoing ( ) , but I’m getting error 

Change your settings to:

Different error 

Your account is hosted by GMail?

Check that you have you have the correct login name and password on the General tab.

Yes, its hosted by Gmail, credentials are 100% correct because account was working perfect with automatic setup ( IMAP ), but not working with POP3