How can I get only title of email?

I have more spam. I won’t download spam. How can I get only title of email?

unless you checked the “Download messages for offline use” option in Tools > Accounts > your account > IMAP/POP tab,
eM Client only downloads the headers of the emails so the actual content should not be downloaded unless you click on the email.

If you’re worried about your privacy or security of your computer please go to Tools > Settings > General > Privacy,
and check the recommended settings for displaying unsafe content.

Thank you,

Hi, Paul.
There is a mistake in em client:

“Download messages for offline use” - uncheck.
“Unsafe content” – block


body of email was downloaded with pictures and only external content was not downloaded.


unfortunately this is usual behavior.
If the picture is included in the email and is a part of the HTML content of the email it will be always shown and unfortunately it can’t be blocked.

Although this behavior is allowed because it’s not unsafe, usually unsafe attachments are just link references which are download after you click on them.

I recommend using rules for sorting out junk email so you don’t download any of the unwanted content.

I hope you understand,