how can I get my old emails

I need to pull up some old emails. When I first installed eM Client they were all there but after an update it only goes back to April. Would anyone know how to retrieve these older emails?

Did you have the messages stored on the server or locally? What protocol do you use? Pop3 or IMAP?

It’s a pop3 protocol. I thought my messages were stored locally. When I first installed emclient a couple weeks ago it loaded up all my emails from the server as I have a new machine. Then it seems after an update from emclient I only have about 3 weeks worth. I think it has something to do with att/yahoo because when I log into my account via webmail it only shows a few days worth. Two weeks ago there were years worth of messages.

I did a chat session with att but Hadji didn’t have a clue. Thanks for your response George.

We are currently trying to find a solution - will let you know if we find anything. We are very sorry for this inconvenience.


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