how can i get eM to quit deleting my email from as i read it in eM.

Hi Conrad,
is your gmail set up as a POP account? Check your gmail settings on the webmail app and check the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” and check if you have POP enabled and what you have set up in the “When messages are accessed with POP” option.

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pop is enabled for all accounts and messages is set to keep messages in box.

with other email programs is has been working ok.

That is very strange, is your Gmail correctly set up as pop in eM Client as well? Please check if you have a POP tab in Tools > Accounts > your gmail account.
And does this happen by default, they are erased when you read the email or are they erased after you delete the messages in eM Client?
Also, please tell me which version of eM Client you’re currently running (Help > About).


there is no pop  tab in my gmail account it gets deleted when i delete it in my eM program. when i delete it from my K9 program it stays in my gmail program. i am using version

Hi Conrad,
if there is no POP tab in eM Client, then your gmail got set up as IMAP by defaul and thats why your emails are deleted. IMAP synchronizes every change on both and eM Client.
You need to set up your gmail as POP.
Remove the gmail from your eM Client in Tools > Accounts.
Then choose New Account.
Instead of automatic setup, go to Mail > Other.
Here you will separately input your account information.
Set incoming server as, outcoming, but dont wait for test results in Test configuration.
After you set this up, go separately to Tools > Accounts again and set your security policy to (legacy) option on both SMTP and POP3 tabs.

Now you have gmail set up as pop account and it will be save to delete mail from eM Client.

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thank you that fixed my problems.