How can i edit the mail pull down to get rid of mail from accts i don't use.?

think the title covers it.

There are a few email-from accounts that are valid, but i don’t use for outbound mail ever.  How can i get rid of them?  I’ve looked a lot and can’t find a solution.


What is the “mail pull down”?

Can you maybe rephrase you question, as I am not sure what you are asking.


Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts, where you can remove any account that you are not using. If you still want to receive messages on that account but not send, then you can deselect the SMTP service in the General tab for the account, and it will be removed from the list.

** Always make a backup (Menu > File > Backup) before deleting accounts.

Thanks for that info… Here’s the problem.  one of the emails is NOT an account, it’s picked up an email i use (business email for paypal) but it’s not an email account . Somehow EM picked up the email-from in the mail account and made it an option…  IF i turned off smtp i’d not be able to send email from that acct… i’m sort of wondering if i need to delete and reinstall but it might come back. 

Guess this was more confusing than i thought!  

It may be an alias. In Menu > Tools > Accounts, check each account by clicking the Aliases button to see what is there.