How can I change the "From" address?

I have several alias accounts and can do this through the gmail interface. I don’t see any options for this in em client though (running 6.0.19714.0).

Hi, click on email address (there should be small gray arrow) button in new message window and you will see all your possible accounts which can send email.

Or you can click to leftside bar and then open new message window, eM Client should always choose email account which belongs to selected folder.


Bad. I need to use different FROM aliases using only ONE account. This is possible in Outlook. Why not here?

Hi, not completely sure what you’re referring to.
If you have aliases setup under your account, you can choose the from address in the list of setup accounts, also when an email is received to your aliases and you decide to respond, the alias which received the message should automatically be selected as the from address, just as Jan mentioned earlier.

Thank you for understanding,

OK. I have the same problem and I don’t see an answer (yet) as well. I have an organization e-mail that is forwarded to Gmail account (so Gmail is basically an alias for it). In Gmail itself, it’s no problem to configure so that my outgoing e-mail appears to be sent from '" e-mail, but I can’t make it work in Em client. If I start just responding mail that came to “” and in reality reached me in eM client through “” I have to manually select in reply “”, which I want to be a default e-mail address. Is this possible in eM client?

I understand the question because I encountered the same issue. The answer is Menu > Tools > Accounts > Aliases 

Add as many aliases as you want and they will populate the list when you click down on the From: field. 

I’m not sure why these are not imported from Gmail, since I already had them defined, but it seems one has to re-define them in the client

If you have an alias setup in eM Client, and a corresponding alias setup in GMail, the email will have the alias address as the From: address.

If you do not have a corresponding alias setup in Gmail, the email will have your main email address as the From: address, but the Reply To: address will be the alias.

In all cases, and even when sending using an alias from Gmail’s web interface, the email will always contain the main email account address as the Sent From: address.