How can I change browser that displays web widgets?

eM uses IE7 to to display web widgets. How can I change it so that Firefox is used to display web widgets instead? Firefox is my default browser. Also, when I click on links displayed in RSS widgets the links are opened in Firefox.

I’m sorry but there is no possibility to change browser for displaying widgets.

There are quite a few websites that require IE9 - - it will also work in chrome

Hey guys!
I was having the same problem but found a solution! :slight_smile:
Just one little change in the registry let’s eM Client use Internet Explorer 8 or 9.

Just check the “Manual instructions” part in this guide: Avant Guide
You just have to name the key “MailClient.exe” instead of “avant.exe”. And if you like to use IE9 instead of IE8 (AFAIK you have to use the version installed on your system), use this value: Decimal 9000 (Hexadecimal 2328).

Maybe this tweak should be implemented by default. IE7 is really outdated and IE9 works perfectly here.

Btw: If you notice any problems, just delete the “MailClient.exe” again and IE7 is used again.

So what happened on that topic?