How best to upgrade from v7 Pro account to V9

I am still using an old Pro v7 account, and now want to upgrade to v9. I have been sent a black friday offer of a discounted v9 Pro upgrade. How do I safely upgrade from v7 to v9, keeping all my data and as many of my EM Client settings as possible?

One you have purchased the upgrade, eM Client should automatically offer you an upgrade to version 9. If it doesn’t, you can download the installer file from the link the email you receive.

The upgrade won’t affect your data and settings, so it will all be there afterwards. But if you want to be sure, make a backup using Menu > FIle > Backup before you install the new version.

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Thank you. Does this mean that I don’t have to upgrade to v8 first? Also, how long does the v9 upgrade usually take?

No, you don’t need to upgrade to version 8 first.

The upgrade should take just a few minutes.

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Oh wow! Thank you!

I have been dithering about it because of previous experience in upgrading other email software (Outlook), and it was a nightmare. This sounds much easier!

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