How are Microsoft accounts configured internally?

Hi, I’m giving eM Client a try and so far I like it, it has plenty of ways to customize it.

My current account is (which is a regional domain for Microsoft accounts in Ireland). And when adding a new account I selected to use it as an account.

It works and all, and it synchronizes the calendar as well, but I’d like to know how is it connecting to the servers. I mean, is it going via POP3? IMAP? Exchange ActiveSync?

I ask because I’d rather not use POP3, if not EAS IMAP would be preferrable. I see the account is currently using as the “server” (guessing incoming? I doesn’t even say in the config of the account). There’s no info either if it’s using SSL/TLS or not at all.

If needed, the settings for IMAP and SSL/TLS are as follow:

IMAP incoming server:, via port 993 using SSL.
Outgoing server:, via port 587 using TLS.

Also, what about the contacts and calendar? Same way? CardDAV & CalDAV (I don’t know if Microsoft’s servers support that though)?

Thanks for your time anyway, I appreciate it.

Hi, if you will use automatic setup for account it will be manually set to IMAP and Airsync for calendar.