How about a File Save process for Rules

As a processing step for a Rule, I would find it useful if eM Client could save the email, as an .eml file, to a specified directory, with a specific file name with the a timestamp, obviously to avoid collisions with previous processes of the rule.


if {criteria} save email to {path}+{filename}+{date-time-stamp}

When saving a message as an eml, eM Client uses the filename format of date + time + subject taken from the message header, so that is already there. Now to just include saving as an eml as an option in a Rule. :slight_smile:

To an extent; “date + time + subject” is only applied to conversations by default, single emails just default to “subject” only, but I thought I would toss that in, just for completeness.
An important operational criteria is {path}.

My preferred naming standard is {sender} + {date} + {time} [+ {subject}], as that is what I have been using for the past decade or so, but for the sake of automation, I guess I could compromise a little :) 

You are correct, it does not do that when saving a single email. :blush:

Saving multiple unrelated ones does use the {date} + {time} [ + {subject} formula. So the functionality is there, but of course a Rule is applied to a message individually, so it may not work even if Rules allowed it.

You could automatically rename them after saving. Windows 10’s Bash Shell allows you to run bash scripts, so you can rename a file using extracted content. Fortunately an eml is nicely constructed with fields like Date, From and Subject, so it is not that difficult to do with a script.

As I am still on Win 7 (by choice), Bash is not really an option, although I think there are some 3rd party versions, but as you said, the structure of the file names are neat enough that automating a rename, even if I did a scheduled batch process, is not beyond possibilities.

However, this is all contingent on a “File save” action being implemented.
One can only hope.