hotmail inbox fails to synch

Since the global issues with hotmail last week, my hotmail inbox doesnt synchronise. however all the subfolders do as does the sent items folder. Is there a simple solution other than using an alternative client.

is the problem still actual? Are you getting any error messages? The synchronization usually takes a while but it should work without any problems.

I take advantage of this thread.
I’ve just installed eM and configured my Hotmail account.

Everything is fine apart from the inbox folder where many emails are missing.
eM has downloaded some very old emails and the new ones since installation.
What’s missing are some thousands emails in between.

Any suggestion? :slight_smile:


Installed on a second pc, everything was ok.
So I deleted the Hotmail account from the first pc and then added it back.

Now everything seems ok! :slight_smile:

Great, I am glad you resolved it and that it works now.