Hotmail has stopped ownloading today

My Outlook also failed today after Windows update.  If I set up the account again using the default method of just inputting the eMail address only contacts worked.  If I used the method of setting up an Other account it set up a working eMail account but no calender or contacts.

I have tried the  em client 6 this morning and although the emails work there are no contacts emails addresses . I then copied the csv file from WLM to the desktop and then imported them to e m client but although the names were present in the Contact folder there are no emails showing again,even though I selected the correct columns.
It would appear that this is due to either e m client 6  and having to select IMAP mode which does not support sync for address book/people/contacts (whatever they are called) or probably more likely due to Outlooks cut down version, unless you have office 2106 0r 365 which comes with This supports nearly everything that WLM did so well.
If we had the expensive Office package then we would not require e m client third party anyway.
Is there a way around this problem without the outlay of purchasing and having to have Microsoft’s useless   “mail”  app which is worse than useless

The trouble with this method as far as I can tell is that it only synchronises the eMails but not contacts and calenders.

Very possibly…I don’t use hotmail for contacts and calender…I use Gmail…so no problem there…I have filed a ticket with em client and I’m waiting to hear back from them.

Was running version 6. It stopped working yesterday - like others noted. Uninstalled v.6 and installed v.7. Imported data from v.6 (that was an option on startup of v.7). It seems to be working OK now.

Actually, I had to change the outgoing port to 587 instead of the default 25