Hotmail has stopped ownloading today

Toady my mails in all my Hotmail folders have disappeared…they were there first thing this morning but now all the folders are empty. I have logged in to Hotmail via the internet and find that all my mails and folders are still there and new mails are coming in. What is wrong and how do I fix it please?!


Has anyone else had this problem? I have tried repairing em client, deleting and recreating the Hotmail account with no success. I can log in to Hotmail through the web page and all is functioning normally there. I cannot see why it should have just stopped synching? Anyone else with this problem and a solution please?


yes i’ve had the same issue…think it has something to do with updating…i’m guessing the pop smtp addresses have been changed by outlook and EM client has not updated these on their system yet…but I’m not an expert.

Hi Toby,

Thanks for your reply.

Do you know how to see if the pop smtp address has changed at Should we expect em client to update these or is this something we have to do?


Em should update it themselves but they have just launched em7 as well which may have something to do with it also…it impossible to tell.

OK, thanks Toby. I will wait a day or two and see what happens.

I wonder if EM monitor this forum…it would be nice if someone could tell us what the problem is!

I have found a way to manually set up outlook on EM…go to set up new account and choose “Other-mail” account…then manually enter the server names for outlook see link below.

don’t worry if you get it wrong EM client has a diagnostics x button and it works it out for you.



![]( “Image null”)Server name:
Port: 993
Encryption method: SSL

Server name:
Port: 587
Encryption method: TLS

Hi Toby,

Thanks for that…it worked partly as my mails downloaded and folders appeared but the SMPT test did not work. I tried the EM diagnostic and fix but no joy on the SMPT. So I seem to be able to receive but not send messages. So I am only half way there but am puzzled as to why the send will not work…if I disable the SMPT then I only have the receive function.

Any thoughts?



make sure smtp is port 25…

OK, I have tried that and the diagnostics test OK. But I still cannot send a mail? If I send a mail from Hotmail on the web then it will appear in the sent items in EM but I cannot send it from EM?

Not sure…log onto your outlook and go to your settings and make sure outlook is set up to allow exterior clients to delete and send emails etc

Well I deleted the account…started again…did nothing different…and now it works! Not sure why but I will be happy if it does not crash again! Thanks for your help and patience.


Yes today WLM stopped downloading my emails and now eclient has not worked and comes up with the error ,"the server may be down etc. The outlook server is not down because my emails are downloading by my PC using via my Office 2016 .
So has MS in line with no support for WLM  to function, stopped allowing e client

I know that Windows are shutting down Windows live mail WLM… they have been warning about it for months…hence the reason I went over to EM client…it’s all to do with them moving all their mail servers over to Outlook…hence why WLM and Em client have stopped working…WLM will never work any more but Emclient will once you update the outlook server details to your account on emclient

That’s interesting because before I decided on adopting e m client, I tried to confirm with their technical if it would continue working with outlook and it appeared that it would.
So what server details do I need to get from Outlook please.

Are these the settings required for  e m Client to work. I suppose that means setting up the complete email again.?
Incoming IMAP Server: Server port: 993 Encryption: SSL

Outgoing SMTP Server: Server port: 587

Correct…but it may be that port 587 does not work…if so use port 25

Tanks Toby  .I,m giving up on this .when setting up another email i do not get the option in input the above details. I seem to only get the automatic option.

I did not give upI used the settings above for the imap and it failed . Up popped an automatic repair within the setup. After about a minute it reset and it now works using imap and has synchronized all of my local folders and email contacts
Many thanks for your help and comments