Hotmail duplicating into Gmail!

Hi all,

Today I decided to do some house keeping and organize multiple email accounts to be consistent in folder structure. Of recent, I fell away from using a client but decided to pick up emclient as I enjoyed using it in the past.

I have a Hotmail account that I kinda use like burner / trival account and a gmail account for more relevant / important conversations.

  • I added both accounts - all is well.
  • I began to organize folders to be how I want - so far good
  • I even dragged and dropped some select emails from Hotmail to gmail equivalent folder - Worked great.

But as a progressed - I start seeing what feels like hotmail messages in my gmail that I didn’t move?

Folders I had not yet got to have a folder structure of my already organized Hotmail?! I check with my web based accounts and confirm this has indeed happened. I proceed to check my sent folder. My entire hotmail sent folder is now in mixed with my gmail sent folder. WTF!

Emclient without my request has decided to outright to move any emails incoming from my Hotmail account into my Gmail account. Over 4000 messages in sent alone!

Thankfully copies remain in Hotmail. Gmail message remain intack - but what a mess!

Oh - the signup email for this support forum going to my hotmail - already has shown up in my gmail account literally while I was writing this message. Proof I wasn’t an idiot and copied something I shouldn’t. The damage is done. It’s going to take a long time to clean this up but I also need to know how to make it stop!

Please someone help. I want parity in organization for each account - but for the love of god they should remain seperate accounts!!

EmClient 8.1.876 (234bb7a)

That is not possible.

Close eM Client. Login to Gmail using your web browser. Do you see the Hotmail folders?

Yes. I see my Hotmail emails appearing in my gmail - in my web browser. This is how I confirmed it was actually doing this.

I opened emclient this morning and saw some gmail folders back in my hotmail - That’s after spending 6 hrs yesterday de-duplicating and cleaning up this mess as best I could.

I actually removed all work folder emails from hotmail last night as it was all in my gmail now anyway, and then this morning when I opened emclient:

Operations Log.
10:30:35 AM revi*********** IMAPSynchronizing folder ‘/Work/AshVsEvil’

This folder did not exist in my hotmail - but in my gmail. Basically it looks like it began recreating folders from my gmail to hotmail for folders that I deleted, but containing only emails that were sent to Hotmail. :thinking:

It’s a horrible nightmare and i think I might know the cause somewhat - and probably to no (or partial) fault of emclient, it was the petrol on the fire.

Both my wife and I both about a month ago got new phones - and it looks like when we set up our emails in both cases gmailify was enabled. Somehow in that month the volume of emails I had checked via phone was not enough to be noticeable.

When I connected to emclient - it looks like it went to town and proceeded to process the entire inbox as such?! This is the conclusion I have come too and by it’s nature with no snapshots, clearer record of actions and already a mess by the time the discovery - hard to confirm at this point. My hotmail has heavily merged with my gmail account.

It also does not explain why my Gmail folders are reappearing in Hotmail. I can confirm my outlook settings is not linked to Gmail. I literally don’t what to open emclient at all at this point until I have a better idea of whats happening and ensure no external email behaviour is active.

@revilo3d After you added the two different accounts sounds like you may have inadvertently highlighted other folder emails from Hotmail when you were dragging to Gmail.

I personally have had Hotmail and Gmail IMAP accounts configured for years in every version of Emclient and never had that issue dragging between them. Sounds like accidental copy/move.

It sure does but I definitely didn’t do this. I even restarted emclient serveral times, even removed accounts and when I readded and it started doing it straight away again as soon as syncing started again.

Also copy functions lock up the UI with a prompt generally.

I strongly believe gmailify (intended incoming hotmail to be sent to gmail) was the issue. Of cause if this wasn’t evident until I added the account to emclient and it did the whole account at that point.

I’ve wiped off emclient and the db - disabled that wonderful gmail feature and reinsintalled. behaving now and just more clean up gmail needed.

@revilo3d I would recommend then to also eg: change your password on both your email accounts just incase someone else might have access to your mailboxes and be moving stuff without your knowledge from another computer. Sounds weird this happened.

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There you go. I think you have solved the riddle.