Hotmail attachments not downloaded

I had severe problems since installing eMClient to get my Hotmail emails synchronised without having to wait sometimes for hours. Unfortunately the response of eM Client only was that it is a problem with the Hotmail server and I would have to contact them. I do not believe that I am the only one with those problems and it is disappointing that eM Client does not seem to consider it important for them to make sure that Hotmail users can use eM Client without problems.

NOW, after having installed the latest upgrade, I cannot download any email attachments in Hotmail anymore. The attachments all show 0 byte and when I try to save or open, I get an error message. There is something seriously wrong with eM Client, but I am not sure whether eM Client will accept that they should have a closer look into why eM Client is having all those problems with Hotmail.

This might not be of much help but what anti virus and firewall are you using?

Also a known hotmail problem is when the account is almost full, that’s the online part of it, not your inbox in EM client.

I receive several emails per day that come with attachments, from several different providers though hotmail is not one of them. They all arrive/download w/o problems.

The firewall and AV is from Comodo, but there was no problems with attachments until yesterday, when I updated eM Client (after receiving an email from EM advising on the new update). Since then the attachments are 0 byte, even those that I could open until yesterday.

I’m sure somebody more knowledgeable than me will come along soon.

I use Comodo FW myself but Bitdefender AV. I leave the FW on custom ruleset, safe mode sometimes blocks things w/o asking.

I have the same issue…Hotmail attachment always comes with 0kb.

As I thought, eM Client is not further following up on this. I had additional problems with eM and I completely uninstalled and re-installed it again. After uninstalling you may have to manually delete the folder eM Client  (C:\Users(your account name)\AppData\Roaming\eM Client, otherwise it does not really uninstall it.
After re-installation, the hotmail folder is now no longer IMAP/SMTP but AirSync and while I am not sure whether that makes the difference, the attachments can be opened now. Hallelujah.