Hotmail and IMAP

Hello, I’ve just installed EM Client, I have few hotmail accounts, but I want to set them to be working with IMAP protocol. I’ve checked all configurations possibles, but only works on POP3, please can you help to solving this issue? thank you


Hotmail has no support for IMAP on their servers. It not something anyone can do beside Microsoft.

Hi, that’s not true, on iOS hotmail is working as IMAp, and thinderbird do it too.…………

I know for a fact iOS get similar push mail service on Hotmail by the MS Exchange protocol, not IMAP. If you have folder support in Thunderbird, you’re most likely connect to hotmail by Thunderbird’s webmail extension. Bottom line, Hotmail does not support IMAP. You may get similar function by 3rd party support, not by Microsoft.