Hotmail account -- Now won't send emails unless I exit program. FREQUENTLY losing all emails and then redownloads all.

I’m giving up with eMclient. Now I’ve run into a sending emails in a timely fashion problem. Or, it won’t send any emails at all unless I exit and restart the program. Otherwise they site in my outbox (forever). When I look at the “Operations” window, I see my other folders (many in number) being updated, but I don’t see an entry for the outgoing emails. I do after I restart the program.

Plus, an ongoing problem is that all of the emails in my inbox disappear and eMclient then redownloads them all (A LOT OF MESSAGES).

I don’t understand why this has started happening, but it’s frustrating enough to give up.

I’m really saddened by abandoning the program after so long, but email is so central to what I do that I can’t handle emails sitting for hours, unsent. There has just been too many problems over the years.  Best of luck to you guys.  Maybe in another few years…

Hello Mike, not quite sure what you’re referring to, are you seeing any errors when trying to receive new messages using your account? What kind of error messages? Are you using any security software on your computer that may have disabled the application’s ability to connect to the server?

What version of eM Client do you currently have installed on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About?


Thank you for answering Paul. 
The version = 6.0.22344.0

I am not seeing any errors when attempting to send. The “Operations” box is busy updating my folders and I simply never see the “Sending message” item show up in the list of things it’s doing. Thus, the messages sit in my outbox.

NO errors at all in the log at that time.

This is this what I believe the root cause is…
eMclient has been losing stored messages and then having to redownload them. As a result it is so busy redownloading 1,000s of messages from my folders and inbox it is too busy to send my email.

I don’t see eMclient multi-tasking the work it has to do properly… a design issue.

So, if these 1,000s of messages didn’t have to be downloaded, then perhaps my emails would be sent.  Even without lost messages, it seems like updating of all of my folders happens prior to sending anything.  

If all of my folders are being scanned and updated when I send a message, it appears it won’t try to send the message until these synchronization tasks are all completed.

I think there are design issues as well as bugs in losing messages that are combining to create this situation.
Thanks again for replying.  I don’t see a way through this and am ready to move on.

If someone could privately message me a few good alternative windows programs, that would be great!

I hate to leave, but I just can’t take it anymore.

Hello Mike, I’ll be happy to report these issues, but I’m afraid we need some more information regarding this issue - if you want, help us create logging data by navigating to Tools > Settings > Advanced and enable logging for the incoming service of this account (most likely AirSync), however note this has been a common AirSync issue in the past. Hotmail/ accounts had a known issue where the server would throw a 503 error - which is an undocumented error from Microsoft (how nice of them), which doesn’t allow us to workaround this issue.

I’m however quite sure that the application is not dropping your emails, data is saved locally into our database files and I’m sure if this would occur, more people would report the problem.

You can setup your hotmail account as IMAP using these instructions , but if you’d rather find a different application…

Hi Paul

I believe I am most likely hitting a known bug. It’s actually not a new thing for me to “lose” and need to redownload emails, I just didn’t report/complain.

I’m going to take a break from eMclient, but I will be back! I do like this program more than any I’ve seen to date. I’ll check back often for a new release and try again.

I do want to make a comment about you replying to my issue.
I am not yet a paying customer, yet you, an employee,  very quickly replied  to my post with an offer to help. How _extremely rare this  _kind of support is!! Both you and your company are to be commended for working this way. It’s part of the reason I know I’ll return, and I also know I’ll be a paying customer some time down the line, most likely immediately upon my return.

So, thank  you personally for the great support, and thanks to your team in general for working this way with customers, even the ones that are using the product for free. Please send along a thank you to your group’s management for making this kind of thing possible.

All the best to you Paul


A followup…

NOW I think I understand exactly what you’re saying about AirSync.  I didn’t understand the term and thought it was eMclient specific. I  think I’m starting to get a better picture now of the “lost” locally copy of emails.

For a variety of reasons I moved over to Office 2013 today which included desktop versions of everything, including Outlook 2013.  Outlook too had trouble, big trouble, finding messages in my hotmail account. I ended up having to use IMAP to access my hotmail account.

So, when Microsoft is struggling with getting its software to work correctly with its servers, then you know there’s a real problem that’s going to trip up nearly everyone.

It took many years, but thankfully Microsoft did release an IMAP version of Hotmail/Live/Outlook accounts so that many more mail programs can access. Had I not moved to Outlook 2013, I would have tried IMAP just as you suggested.

I don’t understand why this issue seemed to have popped up recently with the server side of hotmail, but it sure seems to be a very real problem.

I think your IMAP suggestion of accessing my hotmail mailbox would likely work.  Thank you for working on this problem!

Glad I could help, we’re working on a new release of eM Client that will include an improved synchronisation with your mail service ( servers) to include Calendar/Contacts support while synchronising your mail items over IMAP/SMTP, more info here:–…