hotmail account no longer syncing

I have a account that I have been using for several months now with eMclient and it has been working just fine. This morning when I turned on my computer the inbox was empty and would not sync. I tried restarting the program, using the repair option and deleting and re-adding the account. I have not made any changes to my hotmail account recently. I also checked for program updates. all without resolving the issue. 

I am using version 6.0.24928.0

The error says it could not connect to the account and may be a result of server unavailability or incorrect account settings. I double checked the account settings and they are correct. I also have a account which is still working just fine. 

If anyone has any advice or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

If you have changed nothing and the your account settings are correct, then the server may be unavailable as your error message suggests.  

Microsoft does do site maintenance from time to time.  I have had a account for years and it never mattered what email client software I was using when they did maintenance, whether using eM Client or Windows Live Mail 2016 prior to that.  Service was always interrupted during maintenance.  You should find that it clears itself up soon.

Your account is a different site.  You might want to go directly to your account to see what’s happening there.  

thank you for your reply. I have fixed the issue by uninstalling emclient and reinstalling it. it seems to have installed version 7 though and I thought version 7 was only for pro users so hopefully im wrong about that or it will stop working in 30 days lol.

my when logged into the site has been working fine the whole time. I did check there and it doesnt explain why the folders were suddenly empty. anyway im not sure what happened but I do hope it stays fixed. 

again thank you for your response :slight_smile:

Thanks!  Though it appears I wasn’t of much help (or they got there server working again :slight_smile: ).

Version 7 is the current version of eM Client for everyone, though eM Client Inc. has been good enough to make it possible for those who need version 6 specifically to still download that instead.

The Pro license is just the paid version, whether 6 or 7, that allows more than two email accounts, VIP support and commercial use.  

Thanks again for the appreciation… :slight_smile: