highlight 'bar' disappears

Running eM7 but the highlight ‘bar’ (indicating which email has been selected) disappears if you change window eg to copy info from another app or even click on a link in the preview pane. Consequently you have to click on another message to find out where you are!!

Is this the same issue you described at https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/dim-e-mail-highlight ?

Yes… and?

I am wondering why you asked the question in one place, and received some replies, now you asking the same question again somewhere else?

hey Gorepe15 - I’m not having this problem using the stock “Dark” theme - maybe try changing the way the message list displays?

to do that go to

menu > tools > settings > appearance > lists

then uncheck “Use alternating colors for rows”

if that doesn’t help, I’d be happy to help you modify the theme you’re using in search of a solution - I’m having fun messing around with them