High RAM consumption.

Version 7.2.38715.0; Windows 10; Gmail, Exhcange accounts. Conversations are disabled. 
I have issue with ram consumption. Periodically RAM usage jumps up to 1500 mb and stays at this level for few minutes.It hapens pretty often. Once per 20-25 minutes. During this it is almost impossible to use Em. Few times it just crashed, while composing email.  
I had a such problem before. I reinstalled em and problem dissapeared. But then it appeared again. 
At normal work it uses about 60 mb. And it is easy to use program. 

While it is no solution, my observation is that version 8 uses a lot more RAM during idle that version 7 does.

But anyway . . .

If you go to Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Synchronization, does the sync period specified there correspond with the high RAM usage?

Yes, It looks like RAM consumption jumps at the moment of synchronization. Is this problem fixed? Or easier to change mail client?

I am sure every email application is going to use more RAM when syncing, than when idling.