Hide the "More" folder which contains previously hidden folders.


I’d like to know if it is possible in a next patch to hide the “More” section altogether, and have a separate menu under Tools (Hidden folders) where users can re-check hidden/unhidden folders.

For instance we have 1 main IMAP gmail account with 5 more email adresses atatched to it (5 different people) and i’d like to give to each of them access to their specific folders, thus not beeing able to see the other inboxes. At the moment they can easily click on “More” (the place where the folders go when hidden) and see there the previously hidden folders.

Any chance this could be implemented?

Hello, unfortunately it is not possible to hide the “More” folder, this only hides some of your IMAP folders, so they’re not visible in the list. However all the IMAP folders can still be synchronised and used, unless you make the IMAP folders hidden from IMAP connections, which is possible to do from your online Gmail’s interface settings.