Hi my outwards emails are getting stuck in the Outbox. I think it started when I go the NBN internet system

Hi my outwards emails are getting stuck in the Outbox. I think it started when I got the NBN internet system

Disable any anti-virus/firewall or VPN application, then try again.

If that does not help, look for SMTP errors in the Log tab in Menu > Tools > Operations.

I had disabled the anti virus and firewall, and have no VPN. The SMTP log says "4:29:08 PM johncuch@rbe.net.au [SMTP]  Sending messages: Recipient address ‘Admin@nresa.com.au’ not accepted due to the following reason: 4:29:08 PM     "5.7.1 <Admin@nresa.com.au>… Relaying denied. IP name lookup failed []

If you have only started to get “Relaying denied” errors when sending emails with a new ISP connection, then it normally means either eg: You haven’t changed to the new ISP SMTP outgoing Mail Server setting (in your mail client) or the the new ISP SMTP (Authentication) setting is different for sending mail.

So check with your new ISP NBN connection what SMTP settings are required for your email client.

Once that is updated you then move any existing email stuck in your outbox to the drafts folder and then re-send the email.

Relaying usually means sending from a different email address to the one you use to login to the server. Most servers do not allow that, as it something that spammers use.

Make sure that the email address and login address are the same in your account settings, and they are the correct ones for that server.

Hi My new NBN ISP gives me the Internet.  My email account domiciles in the account I had for 8 years. Nothing has changed with the SMPT

John as you say above “My new NBN ISP” .

This is generally why you would be getting relaying errors when sending mail as your new ISP connection will have (different settings for sending mail) than your old ISP.  The SMTP username  & password as well as SMTP settings are usually different when you change ISP’s.

If its the same ISP and you are just changing to a new connection at the same ISP, then you normally wouldn’t have to change any smtp mail settings as the mail server settings would be the same. So if its the same ISP, then you need to contact your local ISP technical support & advise them you are getting relaying errors. That’s up to their tech support to resolve that. They need to check your smtp settings.

If its a web based mail account such as eg: Gmail , Hotmail , Yahoo mail etc account then you don’t normally have to change smtp Mail settings in your mail client when you  change to different  ISP connections, as they normally just work automatically around the world on any connection.

Thank you for replying. I am now dealing with the em Client support on the yahoo account.  Thank you for your help.