Hi, I have tried everything and still I cannot get my signature to show on new/replies & forward emails.

I followed the instructions, and done it it multiple times. I don’t know what I can do next to make it work. 

The first thing to check is that you have selected a signature for each instance:

yes I have, and double checked it numerous times. 

Have you chosen the correct account in Select signature for account? Sometimes if you have more than one account, the signature may be configured for the other account.

Also in the new/reply mail window, make sure you have the same account selected as the from address as you have configured for the signature.

definitely chosen the right account, according to all of the instructions given Iover the web I have done everything correctly it still doesn’t work. I can’t get my head around it

Does the signature paste into the email if you insert it manually by  Right-click > Insert > Signature?

Ben, can you send me the snippets.dat file from C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\eM Client, and let me know what version of eM Client you are using.