Hi, I am using eM Client on my LapTop running Microsoft Windows 7. eM Client aborts when trying to Reply to certain emails that I get in

I receive an email from a client, however when I open this mail into a new window and the Reply to it, eM Client immediatley aborts: and I have to terminate the application which gows into a "Freeze"state. I do have a snap-shot of the Error Message if this will help.

Not all received emails aborts on a Reply. Seems to be intermittend.

Problem signature:

  Problem Event Name:                        APPCRASH

  Application Name:                             MailClient.exe

  Application Version:                           6.0.21372.0

  Application Timestamp:                     54980d2e

  Fault Module Name:                          mshtml.dll

  Fault Module Version:                        9.0.8112.16430

  Fault Module Timestamp:                  4db210c4

  Exception Code:                                  c0000005

  Exception Offset:                                004c2b16

  OS Version:                                          6.1.7600.

  Locale ID:                                             7177

  Additional Information 1:                  ae35

  Additional Information 2:                  ae3586ad0c2a8031639c275db8815d61

  Additional Information 3:                  495e

  Additional Information 4:                  495edea26fc27486d45f8abb8437d809

Any Solution to this will be most appreciated !

Hi Claude, sorry to see this, but I’m not completely sure what email you’re referring to, can you maybe make a screenshot of the message’s header? If the application freezes while trying to open this message, can you please try to run this utility http://www.emclient.com/tools/emstackdump.exe and run the utility while the application isn’t responding?

This will create a dump file in your documents folder, can you please submit the dump file to my email, [email protected] with a reference link to this forum topic.

Thank you,

Thanks Paul, your request done and emailed to you as informed



Hi Paul,

OK email sent to your Inbox. Thank you for the response ! Details in email to you.