I use the HIRES monitor. I increased my font and everything seems OK. But if I open the message that came up so the text is small. Use ctrl + wheel to increase the message. But I have to do it every time. Is not this somehow remembered? I use 7.1

Hello Pavel,
unfortunately, the ZOOM is reset for any new window, so while it stays in Message detail in the main window, it will be set back to zero when you open the message in a new window.

I will add your idea of keeping the zoom in new windows to our feature request list so our developers can consider adding it.


If been struggeling on that generally in the last weeks, too. Which operating system?

I found, that on Windows 10 it is strongly recommended, to leave the standard settings untouched. If you use freeware tools to encrease font size or chance font, you will run into deep trouble.

I do not know the complete process, but it is shure, that Windows 10 tries to reset modifications. This is disposed over a unknow count of boot processes. Between you have an undefined configuration, an every attempt to get a solid result leads into more mess.

First, set ZOOM to 100% (this is crutial!). Try to reset your computer in standard settings (Font Segoe UI, 9pt), reboot it (possibly two or three times) until it looks „standard“ again.

Then you can set ZOOM to apropriate scale (e.g. 150%). Then you can rightlick to open the program properties of the program (Start → emClient → rightclik → open program folder → right click → properties), and check the compatibility options.

I set scaling to application and this works fine for me.